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  • World Spice Market - This is a fantastic spice store behind Pike Place Market. They have any spice you could imagine and it's much cheaper than what you buy at the grocery store. The minimum quantity for whole spices is an ounce and the prices are usually only a buck or two an ounce.
  • Saagar Groceries - This is a little Indian market behind Mediterranean Kitchen in Totem Lake. You can get paneer, rasmalai and other great stuff. 12445 116th Avenue Northeast Kirkland, WA
  • Dick's Restaurant Supply - I go to the Bellevue location whenever I need cookie sheets or cooling racks, usually they have better prices for quality stuff than department stores.
  • DeLaurenti Food - This store in Pike Place Market specializes in Italian food but they have all kinds of great stuff from around the world. Visit here for a wide variety of bitters or Solo Brand pie filling for Kolacky.